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Black Focus
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Release Date
7 Fevereiro 2020

The third album on Black Focus continues the South London tradition, but this time in the form of one of the originators: a triple OG, Steve Spacek.

Spacek recently released a solo record through Alexander Nut’s imprint Eglo, dBridge's Exit Records as Blackpocket, following on from his work with Ninja Tune under the Beat Spacek moniker, and collaboration with Mark Pritchard as Africa HiTech on Warp. He's also made formative work with legendary artists J Dilla, Raphael Saddiq, Q Tip, Common and made early drum'n'bass tunes with his brother dBridge. It’s an incredible career resume and an honour to be releasing this new work.

'HOUSES' sees Spacek return to his Detroit influences, with house music at the heart of this record as its foundation but as with all Spacek's releases, it transcends genre and focuses more on swing, melody and feeling. There's elements of soul, jazz & r&b interlaced within the DNA of his electronic music, alongside his signature falsetto vocals.

The entire project was produced using iPhone and iPad apps, an approach Steve champions and feels liberated by using technology to join the past with the present.

Lista de Faixas Digitais

  1. 1 Rawl Aredo 5:23 Comprar

    Rawl Aredo

  2. 2 Waiting 4 You 7:30 Comprar

    Waiting 4 You

  3. 3 Where We Go 4:57 Comprar

    Where We Go

  4. 4 Tell Me 5:00 Comprar

    Tell Me

  5. 5 African Dream 4:09 Comprar

    African Dream

  6. 6 Songlife 3:33 Comprar


  7. 7 Higher Place 4:13 Comprar

    Higher Place

  8. 8 Single Stream 4:49 Comprar

    Single Stream

  9. 9 Love 4 Nano 7:22 Comprar

    Love 4 Nano

  10. 10 Bright Eyes Rev (Bonus Track) 5:09 Comprar

    Bright Eyes Rev (Bonus Track)

  11. 11 Yu Used to Love Me (Bonus Track) 9:27 Comprar

    Yu Used to Love Me (Bonus Track)

  12. 12 Who Cares (Bonus Track) 7:35 Comprar

    Who Cares (Bonus Track)

  13. 13 Child Insperation (Bonus Track) 6:30 Comprar

    Child Insperation (Bonus Track)

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